Welcome to New Generation Academy

Thank you so much for your interest in New Generation Academy (NGA). We are a community of Christian teaching

homes who work together to educate our children.  Our families have resided in various Metro Atlanta counties;

including Fayette, Clayton, Coweta, Fulton, DeKalb, and Henry counties.  


We are always looking for like-minded families to join us so if you:


… want to be part of an accredited program that has classes for all your children Pre-K to high school

… want a program that offers subjects like math, science, grammar, literature, history, and foreign language

... want to provide an opportunity for your children to interact and learn with other students in a caring environment

… want to be part of a program where graduates go on to apply and be accepted to many institutions like Georgia Tech, Oglethorpe University, Georgia State, Florida State, and University of North Carolina (to name a few)


We offer an enriching two-day per week college preparatory program which emphasizes sound study skills and habits.
NGA is an accredited program with classes for students in PreK through high school.  For the 2020-2021 school year,
we will continue to meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Following a two day per week schedule allows more time for our instructors to cover material relating to math, science, social studies, language arts, and foreign language. 


Small classes and close association with supportive teachers help contribute to an academic environment in which a student can gain subject knowledge as well as academic confidence and self-esteem in a positive environment. Being part of a homeschool co-op allows time for our students to fellowship with their classmates during various parts of the day, including classtime and during lunch, which is one hour long and generally includes time in the gym or on the playground.

Family Participation

​​At NGA, families are divided into three tiers.  Tier I families (or drop-off families) are families that do not teach or co-teach in any of our classes. Tier II and Tier III families (or participating families) help teach or co-teach.  

Tier I (Drop-off) Family

Tier I families are not required to teach.  Students in these families can be dropped off and picked up, during normal school hours.  We do not offer early morning drop off or afterschool programs.  Our drop-off option is ONLY available for upper middle and high school students.  Parents of elementary and lower middle school students are asked to remain on campus while their children are on campus. 

Tier II and Tier III (Participating) Family

Tier II and Tier III families are our participating families.  A participating family is one where the mother and/or father takes on the responsibility of teaching and/or co-teaching in our classes.  Participating families are the backbone of our homeschool co-op as we join forces to fulfill the educational needs of our families.  Outside of experiencing the joy of shaping young minds, another benefit of being a participating family is that, on average, a Tier II or Tier III family will spend less per year to educate their children.  Tier II families are asked to teach one class.  Tier III families are asked to teach at least two classes.  In addition to teaching or 
co-teaching, families also hold support positions, such as lunch duty, hall monitor, and playground duty.  These assignments are in addition to teaching and assisting.  

For more information on the roles of each family please visit our member responsibilities page.

For more information on the cost of attendance please visit our Tuition and Fees page.

Important Upcoming Dates:


     * Thursday, April 15, 2021           Early registration begins


     * Thursday, July 30, 2021            Last day for early registration


​     * Tuesday, August 24, 2021         Parent/Student Orientation

     * Tuesday, August 31, 2021        Administrative fee due

     * Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021             First full day of school

     * Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021             Tuition/applicable course fees due

Registration for the 2021 -2022 school year is closed 

Please visit our Registration page for more info.

For more information in deciding if homeschooling and/or NGA is for you, please see our 

Is a Homeschool Co-op For Me? comparison page

"NGA is a place where children are grounded in consistent parental attention, nurtured with high academic expectations and thrive with God's love!"

~ E. J.