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Member Responsibilities 

A homeschool community is a group of like-minded families who meet and work cooperatively to achieve the educational goals for their children. New Generation Academy is a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Under the supervision of the Board, classes and activities at NGA are taught by parents, volunteers, and paid teachers. Our model follows what’s called a university model, meeting twice a week with a full slate of classes to cover typical academic credits.


Tier II parents are encouraged to teach in one class.  Tier III parents are asked to teach or co-teach in at least two classes. Options for classes are based on the needs of the co-op and parents are encouraged to teach to their expertise

and experience. Although a college degree is not required to homeschool, many of our parents/teachers hold

bachelor’s degrees in areas that lend nicely to the classes taught at the co-op. Degrees such as engineering, science,

math, accounting, and English are just a sample of the varying degrees held by our teachers.  Additionally, several

of our teachers have previously worked in education in the public or private school arena before deciding to go

a different route for their family.  To fit the needs of the school, we also hire qualified teachers and volunteers. 


All Tier II and Tier III participating families teach. Participating families are the backbone of our homeschool co-op
as we join forces to fulfill the educational needs of our families.  Each of us are gifted in various and unique
ways.  We all have something that we 
can offer our children to enhance their education. Our primary objective
at NGA is to provide a college 
preparatory education utilizing a platform that supports strong academic
achievement.  We not only encourage 
our students to do and be their best but we also encourage
each other as parents/educators to do the same. 

While drop-off families have only parental responsibilities, our participating families have dual roles as both a parent and a teacher.  Some of the responsibilities for each role are as follows:

Parental Responsibilities

As parents, we play a key role in making sure our children receive the best education possible.  Know that no one is perfect, so you are not expected to be. However, there are a few key things that are needed to homeschool successfully.


* Have teaching home - A teaching home provides a rich environment for learning. Parents are involved and see themselves as the primary educator for their children. Their schedules allow time to learn, practice, and explore. Parents with teaching Christian homes are highly invested in their children and they view training godly character, good behavior, academic integrity and support, as their sole responsibility.


* Supervise - Parents need to be present to facilitate learning, answer questions, and ensure all homework assignments are completed and submitted on time. 


* Grade homework assignments - Parents are expected to grade some of the homework assignments.  Classes, such as math and grammar, require the parents to grade homework and make sure students are correcting problems that were incorrect.  Homework should be graded consistently so that the student keeps up with understanding the material.  


* Obtain Materials - Parents should make sure that all books and supplies are purchased as soon as possible at the beginning of the school year.

Teaching Responsibilities

As teachers, our goal is to work hard to help our students develop personal skills and achieve educational goals.  Effective teachers must be willing to take on the unique challenges and requirements of homeschooling.  At NGA, each teacher is expected to be mindful of their responsibilities.  Some of these are:.


* Be qualified - Georgia law requires that a person have a high school diploma in order to homeschool their children.  Many of the teachers at New Generation Academy have college degrees and/or years of experience in homeschooling.  

* Regular attendance - Teachers are expected to show up regularly for class. Students need consistent instruction in order to be successful and master
course concepts.  Teachers are asked to schedule appointments and other activities on non co-op
days as much as possible.

* Implement provided lesson plans and class layout - Following course lesson plans will ensure that the students stay on track throughout the school year.

* Grade assignments - Teachers typically grade quizzes, tests, and some homework assignments.

* Be encouraging - It’s important to encourage and inspire students.  We want our students to know that we believe in them and are here to support their efforts.

For more information in deciding if homeschooling and/or NGA is for you, please see our 

Is a Homeschool Co-op For Me? comparison page

"My children and I really enjoyed being at New Generation Academy. It was encouraging connecting with seasoned homeschool moms and my children enjoyed establishing great friendships. The best thing of all is doing life with other families that are grounded in God's word."

~ T. A.

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