Virtual Learning

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Due to the increased number of coronavirus cases in our community and beyond, for the 2021-2022
school year, New Generation Academy has decided to conduct classes virtually, utilizing virtual
learning for our students on our online class days.


We will continue to have live classes twice per week: students will meet virtually via Zoom on Tuesdays and  Thursdays.  Utilizing video conference options weekly, students will continue to learn in all classes.

With this change, we remain dedicated to providing a solid educational experience to our
students during the 2021-2022 school year, while maintaining our goal to develop a plan
that is safe and reasonable for our families.

* Virtual Classes

  • Live classes via Zoom allow for continued teacher-to-student and student-to-student connections

  • Teachers will be able to observe and assess student progress effectively

  • Students will be able to utilize both days to ask questions in real time


* Assignments

  • Teachers will post assignments and grades through Thinkwave, our grading system

  • Students will be able to submit assignments through Thinkwave to receive credit