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Tuition and Fees

We would like each family to recognize and understand the financial commitment required when joining New Generation Academy (NGA). We believe that a good education should be attainable and affordable. Our goal is to provide a solid educational platform for our students at a reasonable price. The cost of attendance is made up of a number of factors: the registration fee, an admin fee, monthly tuition (paid 8 times/year), books or course fees, and supplies. Part of what we pay as participating families includes sweat equity. We are a community of Christian teaching homes working together to educate our children.    

2023 - 2024 NGA Payment Structure

The following table presents a breakdown of the Cost of Attendance

Tuition and Fees.png

Co-op Fees

Each family is responsible for paying an Admin Fee. This is a one-time charge used to help cover co-op expenses, such as the co-op insurance and our grading system.  The Admin Fee is due by the first day of the school year.  Families are given the option to either pay the fee in full or utilize a payment plan. 


The monthly tuition is the cost for class instruction and is based on the family Tier classification. 
See above table for tuition cost breakdown for each Tier classification. 

Parents will need to secure the books needed by their child(ren) for class. All registered families will receive a copy of curriculum list which shows the books that are required for each class.  Parents typically use various online resources to find books. In lieu of a purchased book, some classes offered by NGA require a course fee. These fees cover student supplies for the class, such as copy fees and lab kit costs. 


Cost Comparison


The table below presents a cost comparison for NGA in relation to other organizations. The numbers are based on a Tier III family with two full-time students-one in high school and another in middle school. Fees include registration, student fees, family fees, administration fees, books, supplies, and additional course fees. Tuition is based on the organization’s school year. It should be noted that NGA follows an eight-month school year (from September to April); whereas other schools follow a longer calendar year. Utilizing an aggressive eight-month calendar allows our students, especially those in high school, to use summer months to pursue personal goals, such as obtaining community service hours, seeking summer employment, or fulfilling elective requirements.



Total Fees

Total Tuition

Total Cost






Co-op A




 Co-op B




Co-op C




Online A




Online B




Online C




NGA’s affordability does not lessen the quality of the program. Classified as an “Accredited with Quality” school with the Georgia Accreditation Commmission, New Generation Academy strives to provide a quality education for our students at a cost that is not only affordable but attainable. Quality education is provided by using strong curricula and having capable parents who are willing to come together to ensure success for our children.  



REGISTRATION FOR THE 2023 - 2024 SCHOOL YEAR - Begins Monday, March 20th !!!

Please visit our Registration page for more info.

"My family enjoyed NGA for its small classroom structure, families working closely together for the needs of the students, and the inexpensive tuition that worked well for our budget."


~ M. J.

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